Making changes in the project once order placed

Hi there,

I have created here a project for my studies' final work, and ordered a proof copy printing. Later I found out that I missed some mistakes in the PDF linked to my project. I want everything to be printed correctly, so I replaced a faulty PDF in the project for correct one. Is it enough to fix everything? Will the changes in the project file apply to the actual print? Asking it, because my order was at fullfillment state.

Posting it here because I got no answer to three support tickets in few days, maybe I have some chances to get the answers before it's too late.

Thanks in advance.


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    You have one hour to make changes.


    Support does not respond within one hour so you will need to make your revisions and order another proof.

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  • Hi komariny Reader,

    This experience is not unusual but it is a valuable lesson how repeatedly Proof reading is always most important.

    Errors happen and appear when you least* expect it.

    The only way to change your book is to CLICK revise and make a new repeadedly PROOF READ perfect, PDF .

    PRINT it at home or the library and proof read it again....(proof read print is THE best way AND SOMETIMES Back page to front is useful.

    THEN upload Revised PDF.

    Delete the previous PDF from your Lulu Files.

    Then order a new print copy of your perfect book for proof reading.


    *I published a book 3 yrs ago and yesterday, 30/06/2016, I received an error notification for distribution: ISBN is incorrect inside meta-data(two numbers were back to front).

    In 2013 I proof read each page AND so did the Author and Illustrator with every change and edit BUT it was still missed!

    I have revised Heidi's Shoes and will upload a new Pages File shortly.

    I do hope this helps to make you feel you are NOT aloneSmiley Happy June



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