Nuts and Bolts

I’m coming down the homestretch! Well... I think I am. This is my first experience creating an eBook so I need a little help from my friends here at Lulu. When I upload a manuscript—to go from docx to ePUB—I then download it into my iBook app so that I can review and edit (make highlights and notations). Then, I go back into the manuscript to make appropriate changes, delete the previous upload from the site, delete the eBook from iBook, upload the new and corrected manuscript, and do it all over again. So far, it seems to be working. I have certainly learned a lot in this endeavor. But now, I have some questions: 1) Is the temporary eBook that shows up on my iBook app the way it will look when it is finally published, not counting the cover? 2) Is there an app out there with which I can create my own book cover and upload it onto the site? I cannot afford to hire someone to do it for me. 3) In the section “Describe Your Project,” is the description the same as what would be on the back cover of a printed edition? ........I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but I could use all help I can get. Thank you. Regards, Ari


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