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Anyone else formatting their book with OpenOffice (4.1.2)?

If so, how do you change the header/footer part of the page styles for the front matter section, to distinguish it from the main text body section?


When I go to the Format --> Section menu, it gives me options for changing paragraph indents, columns, footnotes, etc. -- but not the footer or header, at least not for that section alone.


I've tried following the instructions in the Writer tutorial over on the OpenOffice forums, but without satisfaction.


If you're using O.O., what are you doing to make it work, and/or what work-arounds have you devised to get the results you want?


  • I use Open Office (for Mac). If you're facing the problem I think you are, you need to create new page styles; almost like creating mini-templates within the document. Unfortunately, I'm at work right now and don't have access to my Open Office program, so I'm going from memory.


    With the document open (or maybe just a blank one for test purposes), click on the Styles & Formatting button, so you get that little box that pops up on the side. Within that little box, click the icon for creating page styles and create a new style from an existing page (I think you right click for that).  I name the new page something like Plain Page 1, Plain Page 2, Contents, etc. Format that page the way you want, with or without headers/footers. Once you're done, use the organizer to link all the pages together, like a chain. Once you've got everything set the way you like, save it as a template.


    I hope that makes some sense. I'll check back tonight once I'm actually in front of my computer. I'm working on a new project so I'll have all the info right in front of me and can give a more coherent response.   

  • Okay, thanks.  I think what I've been missing is the "linking it in the organizer"


    ...I recently downloaded the etext of a Jane Austen novel.  I may use that my "mess o' text" to mess around with

  • When your document is open, if you have the formatting toolbar showing, there will be a small icon/button that looks like a piece of paper on the far left. Click that and a window for styles & formatting will pop up.


    Hover over the buttons to see what they are; the Page styles button should be the fourth from the left, click it. A list shows up of a few, basic page styles.


    Click the Default style so it's highlighted, then click the button on the far right to create a new style from selection. A box will pop up asking for the name of the new style.


    Edited to add: I remember how I did it now.


    1) Open a new document with the margins, book size, font, etc. that you want. It should automatically be the Default page.


    2) Create new style with Default highlighted and name the new page.


    3) Highlight the new page and right click; select Modify


    4) Change whatever you want; font, character, header/footer, etc. and save. Repeat as many times as needed, just make sure to use a different name, even if you change nothing (this is because of the organizer. Trust me, I learned the frustrating way).


    5) Link with the organizer


    6) Save as a template


    For what it's worth, this is how my current project is set up:


    First Page (title only)


    Title (title and author name)

    Plain Page (blank)

    Contents (table of contents)

    Plain Page 2 (blank)

    Plain Page 3 (first page of book text; no footer with page number or header with author/title)

    Default (book text with header and footer)


    Hope this helps. Open Office is a great program after you get the hang of it.







  • You can retrospectively apply a page style to an existing section (provided it starts on a new page). Having created the page style, go to the first paragraph in the section and select Format > Paragraph, then the Text flow tab.

    If it does not have a page break before, then check the Breaks box and select Insert ... page ... before.

    This should also activate the With page style box. Check that too, and pick your desired style.


    When you insert a manual page break at any point, you will also get the option to do this.

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