Ebook sales/Help!!!!!!!!!!

People told me I have a great childrens book but sales is so slow.


  • Is my books that bad???????????

  • Your lack of sales doesn't necessarily mean that your book is bad but if your book is bad it will have poor sales. If the quality of your book is poor then fix the problems; if not concentrate on promotion.


    I gave away more than 12 500 books before I decided to stop making books available for free. I thought this would lead to sales but it did not, or at least not as many as I hoped for. This form of promotion did not work for me. Clearly people wanted my books but they did not want to pay for them.


    Don't be disheartened; keep working away and if you find a way to promote your books that works that will help. Your book is competing with millions of other books and this is what you always need to keep in mind. To be honest I sometime think that it is a miracle to make even one sale.

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    Children's books do not sell unless you are famous or your book is a teaching or needs-based book. Preaching, teaching, famous or an absolute once in a lifetime gem.



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    Colby, your post strikes me as spam because your two comments are full of errors. Two simple sentences -- from a children's author.


    Hmm... I'll stop writing now, go have lunch, a tea, and come back and say something nice.

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    If you would like feedback on how to improve your book and thus your sales, you can post a link or a sample of your book.

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  • Colby posted a sample here.


    In my opinion, at the very least, it needs some assistance from an editor and improvements in the layout department.


    There are some grammatical issues, incomplete sentences, words that aren't words, and some evidence of broken English that would cause immediate issues. 


    The images are tiny where in many childrens books they need to be large to fill a page and a child's attention. Some of them are stretched or scaled in such a way that they appear unprofessional and much like a powerpoint presentation.


    The underlying story is ok but it needs a lot of work and I get the impression you might need some more practice as a writer before taking the step to publish.



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