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As far as I know there isn't a way to do this - but it would be really nice if we had an option to link an eBook and a print book so that their pages would have a link saying "Also available as an eBook!" or "Also available in Print!" - or even hardcover / paperback / special editions of a book. 


It just seems strange that we have to market what can be the same content as many entirely different products that can't connect to each other through lulu except via spotlight. Mostly this is very unintuitive for shoppers who might discover content through Lulu.


Any thoughts?


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    That's a good idea. They do it at Amazon though if your book is in Distribution.


    At Lulu they have a More From... on the right of the purchase page with a list of other books from that creator.

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  • That's sort of why I was thinking about it. Presently, I only have one book - but I have eBook and print versions of it. If I were to publish three more books the same way, that means lulu now has 8 entries for me (4 print books, 4 ebooks). Assuming the 'More From...' box only shows 4 books (I don't know how many it does, but for the sake of the example we'll say 4) It's entirely possible that the box will fill up with duplicates and show both the print and eBook versions of the same product, so it's only actually exposing two of my other works.


    Grouping versions of the same content together would be better for the shoppers and better for the authors exposure too, I think.


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    I agree with you but... and I hate to say this... few will buy your book from Lulu. 99% will buy from other retail outlets like Amazon which already have that feature. So why even worry about it?


    Unless you do not have distribution and all your clientele is directed here.

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  • potetjppotetjp Teacher

    In such cases, I do as shown in this picture of a copyright page.


    S&L-copyright page-5x10.jpg

  • Not arguing that point.


    I'm sure the vast majority of sales will be elsewhere. But that doesn't mean lulu shouldn't be trying to have a nice usable website Smiley Tongue Maybe they'd sell more here if it worked that way, that's all I'm thinking.

  • potetjppotetjp Teacher

    In the Lulu store, if a given title is available both as a printed book and as an e-book, the two are listed together.


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  • As everyone said very few of your sales will be on unless you have a site and blog and link it here so something. Most of my sales are Itunes, Ibook,and Scribd. The rest on Amazon. They do your books and if they don't contact Amazon support, they are great at helping out.

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