EPUB Table of Contents Garbled

Download of EPUB approved but the TOC ~ taken from the title page ~ is garbled and items run on.

If Title Page using Heading 1 for each section ~ Title, Copyright, ISBN etc ~ is edited to generate a correct TOC section then every line of the Title Page appears on a new page. 

Same thing with Chapters.

My chapters have a sub chapter beneath each one. If I use Heading 2 for the chapter and Heading 3 for the sub the sub chapter appears on a new page. If I use Heading 2 for both it reads correctly in the doc but runs into each other in the TOC.

For e.g. with Headings 2 & 3 in table of contents it looks ok ~ Chapter 1 then beneath that October 1974. But using Heading 2 for both in table of content it reads: Chapter 1October 1974. 

How can I make the Title Pages read correctly and with a TOC that isn't garbled with run ons and how to I deal with chapter headings.



  • I just use Heading 1 for the title, then each chapter title. That always works for me. I don't use the copyright page for it unless there are no chapter names. Then it adds enough for the convertor to work. Hope that helps.

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    Regarding the chapter titles and subtitles starting on a new page, this is common.


    The quick way to fix this is make your chapter title and subtitle heading 1 ( in Word) and place them on the same line, separated by a colon.


    If you wish to split them after Lulu has generated the epub, you can use Sigil, and reasign the heading 2 within Sigil (free epub editor).


    If you split them beforehand in Word, you will have to do a lot of merging of parts, 2 merged with 1 in each chapter. Very long and problematic as it affects footnotes and other things.




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  • You can do as EM mentioned and set them in Heading 2, and separated with a comma or colon. You can also set the sub-heading to its own line with a "soft-return", which is generally Shift+Return on most keyboards. This keeps the Heading Styles linked, but sets the actual text on its own line. 

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    That's a great tip, Paul. Never thought of that.

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  • thanks will give it a try ... problem is that the kindle download table of contents becomes garbled and looks like a complete run on of nonsense ... have fiddled with this in so many different ways and spent hours trying to resolve ... appreciate your comments though

  • yes ~ did the soft return to keep on two lines and that worked visually for the chapters but the table of contents it became stuck together ... chapter 1october 1974 and not

    chapter 1

    october 1974

  • want to keep with lulu since im ~ more or less ~ familiar with the process and not exatly tech savvy ... if i do 2 for the chapter for line then 1 for the next it will toss me into the next page and a reader turnoff ... never a problem with my first book because the TOC requirements werent assigned in 2014 ... im concerned that if the TOC is garbled then it will be unacceptable for Amazon and all the other electronic formats Smiley Sad

  • oh ~ chapters and second line headings doable with a colon but how about the first pages of title, copyright etc ... are each of those designated with heading 1 ... and if so when do i use hard returns or soft ... truly i spent all day yesterday reworking with different combinations and its driving me crazy ... thought i was ready to publish but guess not

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    Find a workaround. Either make the date heading 2 or put it in parethesis.


    It will be easier if you don't worry about it so much. Slowly, one thing at a time.

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    Morrine, do as JesusNinja said. Exactly.

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  • Smiley Happy thanks ~  im more concerned with the Amazon Kindle et al TOC and it a) looking professional and b) acceptable for distribution ...  trying different formats and just discovered that my prior novel preview on kindle is all centered ... how'd that happen ... wondering what kind of programming goes into stuff getting formatted 

  • Please, can anybody put me through how to format my paper into headings?


    I kept on receiving "there do not appear to be any chapters in my Table of Contents and suggesting that I need to set chapter divisions." everytime I tried submitting my paper.

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