Is the dpi reduced for images in the galley proof like the cover proof is?

Is the dpi reduced for images in the galley proof like the cover is? Lulu reduces the cover to 72 dpi for the proof copy.


I scanned my images at 300dpi and they looked fine on my desktop when I sent them in. When I received the galley proof for the interior content and images of my book, the images were a bit blurry on a Kindle Fire, but were fine (but slightly blurry) on an iPad, iPhone, or desktop. 


Does Lulu reduce the dpi on the images for the galley proof like they do the cover for the proof?


I am just trying to determine if I should rescan the images at 600dpi and resubmit them for the galley modification. 


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    The image resolution for print books is 300 dpi.


    For ebooks, it has to be reduced as far as I know.

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  • EM is right.


    For print, 300dpi is recommended. You can go up to 600dpi for print, but it is not likely to be noticeably different.


    For an eBook, the minimum is 72dpi, and we recommend 150dpi if you are uploading your own image for the cover and are concerned about resolution. 

  • Thanks for your replies, Paul and EM!


    I also received a call from a person in the Lulu design department. She said, when a galley proof is sent out, the file is compressed for ease in sending the proof via email. This causes the interior images to appear at a lower quality (especially when viewing them on a Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, etc.) then the actual images will be in the print and ebooks when published. But The images should render well on a desktop computer when view thing proof. 

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