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Does changing or modifying the cover and/or backcover count as a full revision. In other words, if I tweak the cover a little would I have to then buy a new proof copy and approve the book again?


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    Yes, any change to cover or interior and a proof needs to be purchased and book resubmitted for Approval. Book description and price change does not require a new proof but does need to be Approved again.

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    I have often modified my cover after reception of the proof, and everytime I had to buy a new proof.

  • Thanks. Rather annoying, since the misalignment of the cover is due to Lulu not printing it like it was positioned on the designer.


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    If it's lulu's error, they will replace it free of charge.


    However, if the designer has not used a lulu cover template and didn't take into account the bleed, then it's the designer's fault.

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  • Who do I talk to about this? The image I uploaded had the white box clear of the edge. The image created prints it so it flows onto the spine at least 6mm.

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    Click on Support, top right, and raise a ticket.

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  • Done. Unfortunately my email provider is currently "off-line for improvements" so I don't know how soon I will see a response.

  • I attached your images to your case and sent it on to our print team. Once they have a chance to review the images they'll send you an email response.


    If you have an alternate email that works better for reaching you, PM it to me and I'll add it your case. 

  • Bonjour 


    je voudrais faire une revision d un de mes projets , changer le pdf et la derniere de couv. mais je n arrive plus a cceder a mes projets pour les modifir . Comme faire ?


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    Il y a un forum en français.
  • Anytime you change the cover or do a revision and want it to go to Amazon you have to purchase a new proof. Support is very good at replacing books if it's lulu's fault. Good luck. Looks like an interesting book Smiley Happy
  • So far I have not heard anything from the support team. Other than the cover the book is ready to go. Ironically I have noticed five minor typos so could do a revision, but am wary given the cover designer is not behaving as instructed. Given that this is essentially the same cover as the 2011 edition this is rather odd.

    Money is tight this month and I cannot do a revision unless the printer can be trusted to put things where they were placed.

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    unclephil a écrit :

    am wary given the cover designer is not behaving as instructed. Given that this is essentially the same cover as the 2011 edition this is rather odd.

    So you are having the designer redo the cover in 2016, and you are not satisfied with his job. The solution is obvious: use the 2011 picture.

  • The cover designer is a machine that is not following instructions. The image is the 2011 version, but what is coming out is not resembling what was put in or shown as accepted.

  • I have finally heard back from Support and it has been confirmed that it is a priniting problem at their end. I've yet to hear if the problem has been identified and corrected so I cannot confirm that prinited copies of my book will not have the faulty cover. The internal contents are fine, if you are not concerned about the cover.

    If you cannot wait for the printing issues to be resolved the book is now available in epub!

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