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Hi there! I recently published a book in PDF form but there's been a high demand for EPUB. Eager to address this, I went through a text file, gave the sections their Headings, and submitted. But I'm still getting an error about my table of contents being empty. 


I'm attaching the file below. (I have a file in Pages as well but when I convert it to a .doc, all my Heading 1s become Heading 1As.) Advice would be appreciated. Enough people are asking about an EPUB that I'd very much like to get this taken care of. 


  • I looked at your document. There are a lot of places that are showing blank pages or blank spaces as heading ones? For example there is one blank space right above the word contents on your contents page. That space is showing as a blank heading on your toc to the left correct? Leaving the cursor where is on that page click on headings at the top in Word and choose "clear formatting." That will get rid of the blank spaces and the one in the toc to the left. It will move your text around so you may have to rearrange it some. There may be an easier way but it's how I do mine. If that works then click on each blank heading on the toc to the left and do the same. Hope that makes sense.

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    JN is right. You have blank headings all over the place.


    You need to format for ebook. Simply converting from PDF or doc results in a mess. Download the free Lulu Creator Guide. It tells you what to do step by step.


    See screenshot below. Blank headings on the left.


    blank headings.jpg

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    Unfortunately you cannot format an epub as you would a PDF.


    The golden rule is that the title of the book must appear on the very first line of the document. There is no exception to this. Ignore it and your document will not be converted to an epub. Give this a Heading 1 style, along with your copyright notice and your chapter titles. There is no need for a Table of Contents as this is created electronically.


    There are too many different fonts in your document. It is suggested that you use Times New Roman 12 point for epubs; use this throughout. You cannot control how a reader sees your work, as you can with an print book, because they can change the fonts on their ereader. With an epub all you are giving them is the text.


    It would be better to put your notes at the end of each chapter rather than trying to use a footer as you are at the moment. The concept of pages in an epub is not the same as in a print document so you can't have a header or footer. Simply have a section called Notes at the end of each chapter


    You cannot have too much white space in an epub. I have a feeling that much more than a few lines will get stripped out.

    Your text should be justified.


    Take the image out of your document; you will upload the image separately after you have created the epub. Your image must be a minimum of 612 x 792 pixels. If it is even one pixel less than this it will be rejected.


    Start again with a clean document. Copy all of your text from the original document and paste it into Notepad to strip it of all formatting and then copy it back into your blank document.


    Rules of Nature


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    By Heather Alexandra


    Edited by Zolani Stewart



    Copyright © Heather Alexandra 2016


    All rights reserved. Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.


    Cover Illustration © Tara Fisher


    ISBN: 978-1-365-14098-3




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  • Golden reply Daniel. Even having looked through much of what the site offers for a guide, things weren't too parseable. Granted, I was seeing if I could make a quick conversion but it's no worries if I have to make a few tweaks to this version of the book.

    Thanks to everyone!
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