metadata and titles

My ebook was rejected as I had failed to include the cover's 'subtitle' in the metadata. Fair enough, this I have ammended and relaunched for distribution. However, looking at this project with the added subtitle linked on to the main title sat next to the print version in the Lulu store it has the odd appearance of being a different book, or a 'sequel.' I'm asking why the print version does not require this adding to the metadata?

My previous novel was converted and launched using the now defunct 'publishing assistant.' The cover I uploaded at the time also has a subtitle, however this does not appear linked on to the main title in either the Lulu store or in the online stores. How did the publishing assistant get round this?

I ask this because when the ebook finally appears on Amazon and elsewhere, next to the print version, it may confuse potential buyers into thinking it's a sequel, even though the interior is identical.

Also, I'm assuming that as it will appear to look like a different book with a different title, that there will be seperate reviews from readers according to which version they purchase, rather than the same reviews being applied to both ebook and print version, as they do for my previous novel. 

I suppose I could ammend the print version to include the subtitle, but personally, I think a simple three word title showing on the retail channels has far more impact than seven words seperated by a colon.

Thank you all!

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