Can I create one book on Lulu with different format options?

Hello you experts.  


I have published my first book.  It is only available on Lulu.  (I understand that different Lulu projects and different ISBNs are needed for different formats if publishing outside of Lulu.) 


It is my desire for a customer to search for my book (only sold on Lulu) and be able to choose to print in

  • Soft copy, black and white or
  • Hard cover, color.

How do I most easily do this?  


If I have to make a separate project for each book format, is it okay to have the exact same title for both books?


Thank you for your help.


  • potetjppotetjp Teacher

    tomjohnson189 a écrit :


    If I have to make a separate project for each book format, is it okay to have the exact same title for both books?


    Yes, you can use the same file on your computer to make a soft-cover edition and a hard-cover edition of the same book.

    If you want an ISBN, each edition should have its own ISBN. So you'd need to type each ISBN in the copyright page (the one at the back of the title page). In other words you'd have to upload two separate PDFs, one for the soft-cover edition, and another one for the hard-cover edition.

    Don't forget the front-cover picture for the hard-cover edition has to be larger than for the soft-cover one.


  • Thanks for respondng.  Let me ask a little more.


    I don't need an ISBN or to copyright it; it will be public domain.  It will be the exact PDF.  Will I still need to create a project on Lulu for the hardcopy color and another one for the softback black and white?  I.e., can Lulu present just one for sale and have the customer choose between the options for

    1. Hardcover/color  or
    2. Paperback/black and white?
  • Yes, you will need to make two projects.


    The first project will be this binding in that size.


    The second project will be that binding in this size.


    Unless the sizes are exactly the same, you'll need to reformat your source document for each book size.


    For example: I want to make a hardcover book in 8 x 10, and a paperback book in 6 x 9.


    First, I go through the wizard and I select hardcover, 8 x 10, no ISBN, upload my Word Document (formatted 8 x 10) and upload my cover. I answer some questions and SHAZAM! a book.


    THEN, I go through the wizard again, select paperback, 6 x 9, no ISBN, upload my REFORMATTED word document (now 6 x 9) and upload my cover. yada yada, Shazam! another book.


    As for ISBNs: Private books and Direct Sale books don't need an ISBN. If it's going to be in Lulu's online bookstore, you need an ISBN. Lulu will give you one for free, or you can buy them.

  • Thank you. So, if I do two formats with the same title, will my customers have to pull up both books to realize there is a different available?
  • * different format available?
  • potetjppotetjp Teacher

    If someone wants to buy your book, they will see that it is available in two formats with different descriptions and different prices, as displayed both in your profile and in the Lulu on-line store.

    If you want to make sure there will be no confusion, you may add the caption "black-and-white edition" at the bottom of the front-page picture for the B&W soft-cover one, and "colour edition" at the bottom of the front-page picture of the colour hard-cover one.

  • Thank you for all your information.  You have been very helpful!

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