I am tired, maybe too old to learn: eBook?

Alright ... I've been with Lulu since 2004 and have published a lot of print books. I just finished a 316-page book Friday (6/3).


I confess that I am tired (just turned 81 might be the reason or excuse). I already have requests for a Kindle edition. I've only started to study the Lulu guidelines for getting into EPUB and eBooks.


Frankly, what does it cost a person to have Lulu do the conversion from a word document to an ePUB??


I might do this instead of trying to learn something new.  Did I say that I am tired?


Thanks in advance your words of wisdom and encouragement.




"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." --C.S. Lewis


Yes ... I agree, Mr. Lewis, but sometimes a pause is necessary in order to start working on the new dream. [says me]



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