Small Query with book making

I've looked over the messy knowledge base - but can't find answers..

1) I am creating a photo book landscape. I want to upload a PDF - instead of using the editor.
Where is the technical information for bleed areas / margins / front cover / isbn / back cover.
I want my photos to go right to the edges of each page.

2) When I choose 20 pages, does this mean 10 pieces of colour glossy paper with both sides used?

3) Does the first page need to be the ISBN, Title, Author etc - surely i can just put the ISBN barcode on the back cover, and do what i please with each and every page?

thank you :-)


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    I made some hardbound portrait photo album with Lulu a couple of years ago. The result was excellent. Unfortunately, today, I couldn't find this option again.

    I remember there was no ISBN, and I had to create my own copyright page at the back of the title by typing it in white on the black background of the top half.

    There were several possible patterns for each page. I inserted the pictures in the frames of the pattern chosen.

  • There should be templates available for download for the type of book you want to publish that have all the specs for the cover you need.

  • The Large Landsape and Large Square are the only formats that allow file upload. You can download a template for the interior/cover once you select the format.


    This page describes bleed specs: 



    Each page is back and front printing. 


    The decision about how to set up a copyright page is up to you. It is worth noting that our photobook formats are not distribtuion eligible, so you won't have the option to apply an ISBN to these projects. You can find a list of distribution eligible formats here:


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    You have more freedom if you do not use the Photobook wizard. If you select  8.5x11 or 8.5x8.5, you can make it full bleed (see Paul's post for link) and your images will reach the edge of the page.


    And, you can have worldwide distribution for the book.

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