Saddle Stitch drift?



I'm about to make my first saddle-stitched book and was wondering what the drift is for the interior pages. I plan on using the entire 88 pages, and know the innermost page won't be as wide as the outernost.


What outside margin should I use on the inner pages so they won't get cut off when they are trimmed? I currently have 1/4 inch margins, by the way.


Thank you!


  • The proper typographical jargon is "page creeping" , you can looking for a solution using this proper term
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    A lot depends on the number of pages and the book dimensions, but I would suggest no less than 0.50" margins all around and with a 0.16" or more Gutter on the bound edge. Then when you get a Proof you can see how that worked out.


    Can I ask why you are using Saddle Stitch?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    PS: I looked for both terms and came up with nothing on the web, but I have not seen the problem mentioned anywhere on Lulu before, and that's where the settings need to be for.

  • Can I ask why you are using Saddle Stitch?


    I'll be printing a few magazines from 1921-22 and wanted to make them look the way they were originally printed.

  • Our printers don't use any strict "page creep" guidelines for saddle-stitch books. You'll want to do as Kevin mentioned and maintain margins and the gutter. You may also want to reference this article about setting up proper full bleed, if you have any pages with images stretching to the edge of the page or if you have spreads:


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Ah, OK thanks.


    It later occurred to me that it's not often a problem because, for example, they don't use that binding method on many pages at a time. They often take, say, groups of 30 pages of, say, 300 pages, to stitch and then bind the total to the cover. It's a method even used to help hold books together that have glued spines.


    I have had magazines from those times and they used both stitch and glue.


    I used to publish an A4 magazine of at least 40 pages. That was A3 paper, folded, and two staples through the lot. I never noticed this 'Drift', after all, paper is not very thick.

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