Can I re-arrange the title of my book and use my married name as the author and still sell my books?

I wanted to re-arrange a few words in the title on the cover page and use my married name also in the author title on the cover.


From p-i-l-a-t-e-s Instructor Manual Reformer Level 1 Catherine Wilks

To p-i-l-a-t-e-s Reformer Instructor Manual Level 1 Catherine Wilks-Hoffman.


Will this affect my distribution with amazon lulu etc as at the revision page it states that the title and author have been locked?


Please help thank you 


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    You are right, if you have Approved it then it is locked and the only thing you can do is to create it again as a new Project and Withdraw/Delete the first one.


    PS: It will also be a new ISBN.

  • Thank you very much indeed Smiley Happy
  • potetjppotetjp Teacher

    The author's name you entered when your started your project should be the same on the cover. If you change it, retire this project ,and start a new one.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    If you change the title slightly (thus a new project), you will have almost-duplicates on Amazon -- forever. You will look wishy-washy and it will confuse people. Why are there two almost the same buyers will think? Your previous book will always be there. Amazon keeps a public record of all book previously published there.


    So, unless it's imperative, leave the title as is and create a new book with new content.

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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Maggie is right, but there's little that can be done about it. It's often a very good idea to have a jolly good think before one sets something in stone, and then change one's mind.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Kevin, people use a pen name for a reason. If you don't mind.


    Thanks for respecting my wishes.

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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I have no idea what you were replying to there.

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