Changing keywords has created a new draft

Hi, I changed my keywords and it has resulted in creating a new draft of my project and the original manuscript says it is under revision. I think this has stopped it being available to order. Could anyone help me just get back to my original project so it is not under revision? Thank you! Jo


  • Hi Jo,


    The original should still be available while the revision is open. You can use the "delete" button to the right of the revision to remove it and get back to just the current version.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Changing details on the first page that opens when you click Revise does result in the same type of Publish/Buy/Approve/Create New Edition pop-up as though you have been through the Wizard (which is annoying, it did not used to do that) but there is an OK sort of option that will save the changes and close it and it should not register as a Draft if you do that.

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