making the copies only available to me

I'm very new here and I'm looking into getting my poetry book published. I want to know,is there a way to get the bulk of 15 books only available to you? Or is it sent to you like that already? I wanted to get 15 copies for myself to sell on my own(not on Amazon),can I do that?


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Yes, you can set your project to Private Access.


    You can also set it to Direct Access if you'd like to give the link to a select few.



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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Simply make your selection when you start your project.



  • OK,so the book copies will only be sent to me if I check that? Do I still get to get a proof copy?


    Also if I do decide to distribute,do I get copies? And when it's posted online does the person buy it from my copy supply? Or does Lulu do that?

  • In Private Access, only you can order the book on Lulu. You can still approve and distribute the book to retailers while in Private.


    All sales are done print on demand, so no books are printed prior to ordering.

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