Can't Input Own ISBN, No option Sell Everywhere

My problem is exactly the same as in this topic:


Basically, I have my own ISBN that I need to put on the cover but Lulu does not give me the option to input it. I have done what the linked topic says, I have chosen Premium Paperback, A4, Color, but do not have the option to sell everywhere (it is grayed out). I only have the option to sell on Lulu or keep it for me. And there is no option to add my own ISBN.


I wouldn't care too much since I can add it myself to my back cover but Lulu forces their own bar code on the back cover, bar code that is impossible to remove or hide.


How can I input my own ISBN code? I need A4, Color book. I only intend to sell on here but don't mind choosing the option to sell everywhere. I just need to be able to select it...




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