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Does anyone know how ebooks are distributed to 24symbols.com, that is a website that host York ebook and for 8.99 a month allows readers to read it online.  I have two books there, I opened and read both without paying.  Basically they are making money on published works, through one of the ebook distributors, cutting out the author in the process.  Why buy a ebook for 9.99 when I can read it on 24symbols and more at 8.99 a month.  


I contacted them to ask for my material be removed.  They said they had an agreement with the distributor.  The wouldn't say which one, I hope it's not lulu.


Any info on this helps, thanks.   Roger



  • Hi Roger,


    24symbols.com is a site distributed through Ingram's network. They are included when you select "Kobo & Everything Else" through your eBook's manage button.



  • According to what I'm learning from 24symbols, they allow the reader to read 10 percent of the book before asking for a subscription to continue.  From the subscription the author is paid.  However, they were surprised I read them for free, so I am talking to them to find a solution to this issue.  


    I was wrong, they do pay the authors, my experience according to them was a bug.  

  • Roger,


    I'm sorry, I should have included that you do get paid when your eBook is read through a subscription service. I think the exact percentage of the book read varies with the site, but all of the sites that offer a "read eBooks with a subscription" will get you your revenue.

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    I think it's 20%. If they read more than 20% you get paid.

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  • I read both my books for free without a subscription. They assured me that was a bug.  I sent them screen shots to show them, haven't tried since then.  Being that these are two short stories, I was considering offering them for free, now I don't have to.  


    I spoke with the CEO who assured me that I would get paid if anyone read them with a subscription.  


    My next book will be paperback only. Haha.

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