Changing retail distribution to Lulu marketplace distribution

I started two projects on Lulu, one for the paperback version and one for the hardcover version of the same book. I uploaded all the necessary files and once I got to the pricing page I realized retail channel pricing is very high and I can't make a profit at all. What I want to do is change the settings of the books to Sell on Lulu marketplace and get my book on Amazon via Kindle and Createspace.


So I went to the Title section of the books because that's where you choose whether you want the book to be sold on Lulu alone or whether you want retail distribution. These options are however not visible to me now, just the title and author name.

Then I tried to delete the projects and start fresh but Lulu says if the projects are deleted the ISBNs will not be availble to be used on new projects. I purchased these ISBNs separately.


My questions are: Is it possible to change the distribution type without deleting the projects? and since I bought these ISBNs can't I use them in new projects? Or is this rule only for the free ISBNs given by Lulu?


Thanks in advance for any insights and sorry about the length Smiley Sad


  • So, if you deleted the project without finish/publishing, we should be able to release them (because you purchased them and brought them to Lulu). You'll want to open a support case and include the ISBNs to inquire about that.


    As far as changing the distribution type, you cannot apply an ISBN and have the base price lower than wholesale. Applying an ISBN doesn't force you into distribution, so you don't have to sell through retailers, but you still have to keep the minimum at the wholesale price.


    The only way to reduce below the wholesale price would be to set a discount on Lulu.



  • I'll open a support ticket, but I did click "Finish" for both projects Smiley Sad. Does that mean I won't be able to reuse the ISBNs?
  • I'm not sure, whoever picks up the support case will be able to check the ISBNs with our distribution team to find out.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    POD books are expensive so you have to be careful what options you pick. Hardbacks Cost more than paperbacks. Full-colour pages Cost more then B & W. Full colour pages with hardback and dustcover can Cost an arm and a leg.


    At first pick the cheapest options, and perhaps later offer it as a more expensive option and let the buyer choose. Avoid adding too much royalties. I would suggest an ISBN is best  because it gets it on to well-known sites, and the book will still be available on the Lulu Spotlights anyway.


    Of course printing and shipping costs do not enter in to e-book options.

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