Help - I appear to have disappeared...

Something very strange is going on.


Lulu accepts my user name and password, but once in I have no visibility of either my projects or my revenues. When I try to order my own books I get offered the retail price instead of the cost. To post this I have had to create a new user name.


Yet only last week I received the latest royalty payment. I get the usual Lulu junk mail to my email.


What's happening, please, and is there any way to stop it? I'd like to see myself again!




Neil (previously posting as neil_barnes).


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Try a different browser and empty your Temp folders.

  • If you are not seeing the books in your project list, I'm going to guess they are in a different account. I would try logging in with any other email addresses you might have used, and if that fails, you should create a support case so we can help you find your projects!

  • Thanks Paul,


    I only have the one login to and that lets me straight in. It's just that once I'm in, it is as if I have never done anything on the site.


    Can we raise a support ticket please?





  • Kevin,


    I don't have an alternate browser, but as I am using the latest Firefox with all scripts enabled (meh) I would expect things to work.


    Navigating this site has got no easier since I last used it; I can't see where or how to raise a support issue... but to explain:


    Having logged out of the site and closed the page, I have removed all cookies associated with lulu and then attempted to log it. My previous log in email address and password go straight through, but I am taken to the 'my projects' page. The 'files' tag produces an empty list; the 'revenues' tag is greyed out.



  • Hi Neil,


    I made you a case and sent you an email requesting some additional info so I can investigate.

  • Thanks Paul, you have mail.

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