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I cannot find the text-boxes that are preventing  the e-pub of my book. What shall I try?


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    One work around is to open the original file on your PC. Hi-light and Copy the text. Paste to Notepad. Create another Word docx, a totally blank page one. Copy the text from Notepad. Paste to the Docx's pages.

    That should remove everything but the text.

    You will possibly have to tag all that you want on the TOC with Heading Style 1 again.

  • In MS Word you can click on Layout, then Selection Pane,


    In the Selection Pane click on show all.


    Start your cursor at the beginning of the document and arrow your way all the way through.  text boxes should show up in the pane as you pass them (along with images and objects)


    You can click on the oject and usually see what the text box/ image / object is being refered to.  You can also delete the item from the pane by clicking on it and hitting delete key.


    Had to do this a lot when I lost the first half of my book file and tried to scan in from the printed version I had.  All kinds of wierd little boxes and objects were buried in the text.


    Hope this helps. 



  • good, thanks for that.
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