ebook not showing

I've noticed that my ebook appears in my author spotlight along with the print version, but if I search for the book on Lulu's homepage (as if I were a customer) only the print version shows even if I filter the search to ebook only. Below the cover image is another showing a 'locked' square. What does it mean? I recently had a problem sorted out by Paul on the support team after I unwittingly deleted some projects and these are now back in my projects list, but I'm not sure why a potential customer can't see the ebook? Any suggestions?


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    The locked square means that your book contains adult content. Buyers have to enter their date of birth to get the square unlocked and see your book.

  • The "explicit content" mark is checked for the eBook. If that's in error, you can log in and select the eBook, then click the "edit" button and uncheck the Explicit Content mark (it's right above the Description).

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