Kudu's to Joseph F.

I recently ordered two of my newest print books to review before finalizing my project. One of the books was received with pages out of sequence. The second book was fine, indicating it was obviously a binding issue. I have never had any problems (other than my own formatting mistakes) in any of the dozens of books I have ordered since publishing my first book back in 2008, so I was not looking forward to having to work my way through what I thought would be a long and arduous support ticket process.


Gearing myself up mentally, I sighed and initiated a support ticket. The process was actually quite simple. I explained my issue and attached several pictures of the out-of-sequence pages to illustrate the problem.


One day later I received an answer from Joseph, stating it was apparently a binding issue and was usually easily corrected by printing it again. They were sending me another book and I was to make sure the issue was resolved.


I received my reprint a few minutes ago, and it was perfect. How easy and simply it was!


We often hear about problems with Lulu support. It is less often we hear about when things go right, and I wanted to offer my kudu's to Joseph and the entire lulu staff for resolving my issue professionally and promptly. 


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