Creating Advance Reader Copies

I am going to create 40 Advance Reader Copies of my book. My questions:


1. Do I include the ISBN on the Advance Reader Copies? I have purchased my own ISBN so that I am the publisher. I will keep it private until I have a final version.


2. It will have slightly different covers (front and back) and text on Advance Reader Copy on the copyright page. Once I make final modifications, will Lulu let me upload a new file (covers and inside) associated with the same ISBN? 


Thank you in advance for helping me navigate the muddy waters! 


  • I would suggest not adding the ISBN until you have a final version ready to go. Some data is locked to the ISBN when you publish, and you wouldn't want your ISBN trapped in the event you need to make any changes after getting notes on the reader copies.


    You can always revise and assign the ISBN after completing the first version.

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