Adding a gutter to a Lulu template?

Quoting from the Book Distribution Requirements:


"Depending on the binding style selected, a gutter, or additional left margin, may be added to the document."


I downloaded the template for the 6"-9" perfect bound paperback, and noticed that there's no gutter; should I add one,  before I upload it, or will Lulu do that, when it (they?) convert my file?


I'm using OpenOffice to format, by the way.


  • The .doc and .docx templates should have a preset gutter of 0.3" when you download them. It's possible Open Office is doing something when you convert to .odt that's removing the gutter.


    We won't add the gutter when we convert, so you should add it to your file if you want to include one.

  • Okay -- that's easy enough to do, now that I know.

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