Where is My Payment For Sales From Feb 7

hello Guys , New Account here , I Made Two Sales On Feb 7 ( Lulu Channel ) and The Supposed Payment Day Was March 31 ... i Have 142 USD in Unpaid Revenue... But I Did not recieve any payment via paypal On March 31 ... and now it says next payment day is April 29 ... so The Sales was on February 7 and the payment for that is in Late April ... Something is wrong...Help!!


  • First - I apologize for the late response. Your post was captured in our spam filter.


    I passed your question up to our accounting department. There is a hold on your payment due to suspicion of fraudulent activity.


    I suggest you submit a support case so that our team can communicate with you directly. Here is a link to the payment and revenue support category. Click the I Still Need Help button to open the request form.




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