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I've raised a support query for this but the reply says 2 - 4 business days before a reply and I'm wondering if anyone can give a quicker answer. I went into my retired projects thinking that I no longer need these and decided to delete them. Lulu wiped out ALL my projects. Some of the projects still show up in the retired projects section and I've retrieved 2 of these, at least I think they're the right ones? As I retired quite a few items in the past I'm not absolutely sure I've got the right ones back without re-reading the whole thing again! My one and only ebook (which I paid Lulu to format and publish for me) has completely gone. How can I get this back? As far as the 2 retrieved ones, am I going to have to buy proof copies again before approving for distribution? The latest one, The Ray Hunters, I'd only just recieved a review copy before I did this stupid thing. Lulu should make it more clear that you're wiping out your whole project list instead of just the 'retired' projects.


  • I'll grab your support case and send you an email once I've had a chance to look at your account. 

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    You are very unlucky. All my books are printed. This afternoon, I retired the old version of Tagalog Borrowings and Cognates, and created the 2016 edition. No other project was affected by this change.

    As regards the list of my retired projects, I never touch them, because I understood Lulu deletes them automatically after a year or so if they are not resurrected.

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