2 PDFs for Interior Formatting?

I'm on a deadline for a print book, and running into last-minute snafus.  To make a very long story short, the section break function in my Word software doesn't function.  


I've repeatedly followed all Word section break instructions--to the letter--and they lead me around in circles with warped formatting in all directions.  


Is it permissible to upload two PDFs for interior formatting--one for non-paginated front matter and the other for the numbered pages?  I've been able to create both of those.


A related question: given that my Word software is not entirely reliable, would it be better to create the PDF(s) from doPDF instead of the internal Word PDF creator?


Many thanks in advance for all guidance!







  • To answer in order... You can put multiple files into the Lulu wizard and it will put them in order.


    I usually do all the front matter as one separate file so that the copyright page and the title and acknowledgements and all that won't be paginated, then a separate file with the story proper. The Wizard will put then in the order that you upload them.




    PDF1= Title page, copyright, acknowledgement page, and a page with a quotation (4 pp.)

    PDF2= Chapter 1 through 10

    PDF3=Chapters 11 through 39

    PDF4=Index and Glossary

    PDF5= A teaser chapter from another book.


    Upload them in that order and you'll get 1,2,3,4,5. Woohoo.


    Upload them in reverse order and the teaser chapter will come first in your book, and then the index, etc.


    Upload them in a random order and your readers will demand refunds.


    Where people usually mess this one up is that they upload the PDF, then make changes, and upload it again without first deleting the previous version. So they get a book twice as thick, with OldPDF1,NewPDF1. Ooops.


    So yes, a series of PDFs will upload and will be put together into one book.


    Speaking for myself, I usually upload Word Docs (gasp! Shudder!) and then let the wizard convert them, but if you're making diagrams or setting photos into the document, I understand how Word might make hash of it. Good luck with that.


    I do not represent Lulu and am merely another self-publisher, like yourself. An answer from a Lulu person will be a more authoritative answer and should be used instead of mine.

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    Skoob's answer is excellent.


    Another option is to learn about section breaks and unlinking them. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube  -- and it is a useful skill to have.

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  • Skoob nailed it. Two files are fine, just make sure all the formatting matchs (pages the same size, headers/footers, etc). Just verify with the print ready file that everything looks right before moving on with the project!

  • Thanks to all for your clear and reassuring responses!


    As I mentioned previously, I know how to create section breaks and unlink the sections.  There's clearly a bug in my Word software that won't allow me to do that properly.


    Any thoughts about Word PDF converter vs. doPDF (for a Word program that obviously I can't trust completely)?  Do I have to watch for embedding fonts or anything like that?


    Thanks so much again!



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    This year I have used Adobe Pro twice, DoPDF about a hundred times, and Word PDF never.



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