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I've printed my retro-90s magazine with lulu and it came out great, even if I probably should have chosen a smaller size for a 25-page color issue, but nevermind.


There was just one thing that came out different from the digital file. Compare this (a screenshot of the file I submitted, it's Publisher 2010, it's an item containing text without color filling over an image) with this (a picture I took of the printed version, notice the item now has white filling - though not in the entire item, just the width of the text).


The only other part of my book which has text without color filling over an image came out right, see this and this (*bleep*ty quality but you can see there is only text over the image and no filling).


I probably could have seen this in the print-ready version, but I don't remember, maybe I skipped through it too fast. Anyway, what do you think could be the issue? There's virtually nothing different between both items so I don't understand why one came out one way and not the other.


I'd like to be sure about it because my next project will feature much more similar items...


Thank you !


  • Nevermind, I knew there was something fishy about this. The issue was actually already present in the PDF file I submitted to lulu, so I suppose there was a problem with the font (I changed it and the problem disappeared). Sorry!

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    Did you create it in Word? I think I see text boxes. Word is tricky. It never prints my background colour and other issues.


    Your best bet is to create an image in Photoshop, flatten it (jpeg 300 dpi) and insert in your Word document. You can tthen use various wrap options.

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    Yes, you've got margins.

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