Viewing my completed ebook with TOC + cover before submission

My conversion looks great and the formatting of my interior looks good. The conversion has auto-generated a TOC and I've added my own eBook cover. However, there seems to be no way I can view the complete eBook (cover + TOC) before submitting to retailers. Any help would be appreciated.


  • The cover and interior files are not combined until the book is actually published.


    If viewing the combined file is important before distribution, you can publish in Private Status. Then go to the My Projects page. From there you can click the View/Buy link to download the ebook from the Lulu Bookstore or you can click on the project title and download the EPUB file from the details page.


    If all is as you expect, change the status to General, click on the Manage button and select the distribution outlets in which you wish to sell you eBook.



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