Just created paperback book. How to add a hardback edition?

I've just created a paperback book, and am waiting to see a proof copy before releasing it into the wild.


However, I might like also to turn it into a hardback. Is there a specific process for this, or is it necessary to go back to the beginning and start again?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    You can use the same interior with a new ISBN. And, yes, you must go back to the beginning and start a new project. New cover dimensions.

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  • Many thanks for the quick reply. I imagine I will have to do some work on the inside formatting, as the page dimensions will be different as well.


    Effectively, with a new ISBN, this will be a different book. Should I call it first or second edition, then?

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    It's only a new edition if you have added content or modified it considerably.

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