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Thanks for your assistance. I am a bit confused on how the ebook cover works. I created that ugly genric cover, but already have a picture to be used. If I get someone to create the cover, what specs should I give them?

300 dpi -

What about colors? It is one page so how would that work?

I don't know what embed means in a word doc. I know what it means on a website, but is there some code that should be included with the image to imbed on the 2nd page? 

I want to give them as much info as possible, since I think I am out of my comfort zone right now. 




  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Hello Sea,


    Tell your designer to create a cover 6.25 x9.25, text far away from edges (so that you could use if for a print book later on). Make sure your cover text matches the title page and information you enter when you set up the book project.


    Jpeg, RGB. I make ebook covers 300 dpi. Always accepted.


    When you upload the cover, disable automatic, lulu generated author and title.

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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Make a copy of the jpeg you receive from your designer and then resize this copy to

    612 x 792 pixels as this is the size that you need to upload for an ebook cover.


    As 612 x 792 pixels is not the same ratio as 6.25 x 9.25 inches you might have to experiment with cropping a section of the jpeg so that it will look OK at 612 x 792. If you simply convert without cropping your end picture might be too fat, or too skinny. When you crop, the width of the crop should be 77.27 % of the length, i.e. 612 pixels wide and 792 pixels long.

  • That is exactly what I needed. I know I read it somewhere! Thanks!

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