NO by Michelle Allison Lewis -a book about GANGSTALKING


  • I've had a very brief look at your book and it looks professionally presented.


    I think there are two problems which might be slowing sales:


    1. It's £21.09. That's more than most people would be prepared to spend on a hardback by their favourite author. Expecting people to spend that sort of money on a paperback by someone they've never heard of (no offence) is a big ask. I can see that it's 326 pages. I produced a 700 page book and can sell it at a profit for £18.99. Any way you can reduce that price? Even better, can you release it as an e-book and charge a much lower price?


    2. Does anyone know it exists? Have you done any marketing?

  • The fact that there's no preview also makes it a blind purchase.


    Spending $28.55 for a book that I've read a few pages of, and that I am confident will be formatted well and written by someone who knows how to write, would be one thing. Paying $28.55 for a book that, so far as I know, might be a 326-page single-paragraph word-brick written in the past-participle tense by someone only vaguely acquainted with the English language? I don't think so.


    Also, regarding the pricing: consider making an eBook. eBooks are less expensive and tend to have better sales based on the reader's ease of access.


    Hope that helps.

  • malno wrote:

    Thanks for the comments. I do agree on the pricing issue.


    I'm working on how to market NO, but given the tone of the book, I'm conflicted. I've grown anti-technology. I don't have blogs, websites, and things of that nature. And I don't participate in forums. Yet everyone who buys books are here, online.

    Given the nature of the book, I can see how that would be a problem. However, blogs and websites aren't the be all and end all. I don't have a blog. I have a website and a Facebook page, but I haven't looked at or changed either of them in... well, I can't even remember. Over a year. I'm a member of Goodreads, but again I can't remember when I last actually used it. This is the only forum I contribute to, and sometimes I can go months without visiting here either (and I wouldn't expect this forum to generate any more than minimal sales anyway).


    There are other things you can do, though.


    * Get your book reviewed by people on Amazon. NOTE: This doesn't mean buying reviews. It means finding people who would be interested in reading your book and approaching them to see if they'd be interested in reviewing it for you. You can also approach places such as (obviously you'll need a digital copy before you approach them, but I'm sure there must be some for print books as well). You can get hold of the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages for the details of hundreds of bloggers and websites you can approach to review your book.


    * Obviously, good reviews will help sales once people can find your book, but you also need to bring people to your landing page. Google around for some mailing lists (NOT spammers) who you can pay to distribute the details of your book to suscribers. The effectiveness of these can be debatable, but I've had some good results with There are others. The one to get on, if you can, is bookbub. It's expensive (and difficult to get accepted), but it's the biggest fish out there.


    * Make sure you have the key words set up correctly so that people browsing through Amazon can stumble across your book by accident. There are people on this forum who know a lot more about this than I do.


    Once you've done all this you'll find sales getting easier. I haven't done any marketing for my book for a long time. Sales are being generated now by word of mouth.


    Again, most (if not all) of these options require an ebook. I think your first order of business is to get NO out as an ebook as soon as you can.

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