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I have a table of contents in my book.  Why do I keep getting a message that there isn't one?  My book would not follow the example given.  It is a Romance/Adventure story not a How To book.

Thank you Dawn1


  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    If you want your book to be distributed you have to follow the rules.


    Highlight the title of your book and assign it a Heading Style 1.


    Ideally, you should remove your table of contents and assign a heading style to each of your chapter headings (either Heading Style 1 or 2 but be consistent) or whatever else you used to create your table of contents. If you don't want to remove your table of contents - remember, it is redundant as there are no page numbers in an ebook - then highlight the first line of your copyright notice and assign it a Heading style 1. Your book will now pass the distribution test.

  • I have a similar problem. I went through, gave my title Heading 1, then gave all my chapters Heading 2, and it told me I have no Table of Contents.

    I am confused. Wisdom much appreciated.
  • Ha! One step forward, one step back.

    I didn't realise I had to delete my previous uploads, which had ToC problems. So, I got it all working.


    because in Properties, I hadn't selected a title, my ToC began with "untitled". When I gave it a title, my ToC began with my title, but it just took you to a blank page. Then my actual title page follows, with the same title in the ToC.

    So my ToC reads

    Chapter 1

    How do I get the first one to actually show my Title Page? Do I need to remove Heading 1 from my written title on the title page?

    Not finding this the most intuitive process.
  • The best way to do the title in an eBook is to set the title (in Heading 1) at the very beginning of the file, no returns, page breaks, or even spaces before it.


    Anything before the first instance of Heading 1 will generate the "untitled" in the table of contents.

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