Cover color PERFECT with good dimension but interior color more washed out and flat.



My friend and I are writing and illustrating a children's book in Corel Painter 15. On our first proof we received the cover color was PERFECT, showing good dimension but the interior pages were quite a bit bluer and lighter in color and looked a lot flatter than the cover. We sent them as JPGs. Are there some settings we should change within Painter before we save it as a PDF that would make a difference in the way it is printed? We would love some advice ASAP as we are trying to get the finals printed and start selling/distributing. Thank you very much in advance.


I've posted pix of what I'm talking about hopefully you can tell the difference.


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  • Sometimes the interior will be lighter or darker according to the printer and ink involved. Most of mine came out darker. I do know that lulu printers use a different color scheme other than rbg and those sometimes get converted to what they use and this can change the brightness etc. I'm not sure what to tell you but sure someone more knowledgable will be on soon to help. Try Em Press or Ron Miller for sure. Nice artwork by the way Smiley Happy

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Except for the cover, pictures whether color or black-and-white are generally printed darker than the original. The only solution is to increase their brightness and their contrast by about 35%. Each picture has to be processed separately before it is embedded in the book. This is what you should get, and use inside your book. It should come out printed darker, and close enough to your original.



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