Pagination Perplexity

Maybe I am the only one who has ever been so really confused. I have been searching off and on for several days to find out how to format and layout my manuscript for a print version of my eBook. It boils down to this: FIRST, I cannot seem to figure out how to get a M/S Word 2007 document to have standard print-book pagination, ( blank headers/footers, title-left headers, chapter-right headers, footers with page numbers, vi, vii, viii, etc, then 1, 2, 3, etc.)
SECOND, even if I had got that far I cannot find a text editor that converts to PDF that includes any instructions about how to open my Word file and work with it to get the PDF.
Thanks for hearing me out. At this point, I guess will take a lack of replies as proof that my problem has more to do with I.Q. than text preparation.



  • For your first question, you'll need to use section breaks in word and assign each section specific instructions for displaying text/page numbers. I am not familiar with Word 2007 (I use 2013 here), but I would suggest checking the Office site for details on how to achieve this.


    I'm not sure I fully understant the second question. Are you asking about how to export your Word file as a PDF? If so, you can just Save As...and select PDF as the file type.

  • I use Apache Open Office and headers, footers, page numbering and so on is accomplished by using Styles & Formatting and the occasional insert command to assign specific characteristics to pages, paragraphs, etc. I'm sure MS Word does the same, but frankly, Word always seemed unnecessarily complicated to me. Although using Styles & Formatting can seem a bit dauntiing and/or confusing, once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze. I know that's not much help, but I'm sure someone Word savvy will respond. Of course, you could always switch to Open Office! Smiley Wink   

  • I've had this issue as well, but think I've sorted it now. You need, as has been said, to create separate sections, so that the numbering for each section is self contained. Once you have created a section, go to "insert page number" and choose whatever style you like. Then (in header & footer tools) make sure you break the link between this section and the previous one, so that your numbering starts with 1.


    Hope that helps.

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