Spreading my wings a little.

Well, I've decided to branch out on my writing. I feel I'm a very skilled poet, but I've always wanted to be able to tell my stories. I actually wanted to be a comic book artist and writer and comics are how I got into writing in the first place.


But I get tired of working on comics and my stories never end up being completed. I've been writing a novel for a while. I've written plenty of prose in the past, including a novel, but it all felt rushed.


I even did a webcomic for a while and it was successful but it's hard coming out with new material like that ever week, or sometimes twice to three times a week. And though I'm good at drawing, it's just not consistent enough.

The novel I'm working on now, I wanted it to be a manga and you can tell it's heavily inspired by the manga I read. I'm a huge fan of manga, especially Shonen and anyting with samurai.


It's also a web serial, so the chapters are shorter than your usual novel, but I'm thinking it'll be at least 60,000 words in length. I was going to cop out and make it a novella but I felt there would be too many plot holes.


I've published three books of poetry, but I want my spotlight to have some variety and something for everybody. Plus, I don't think poetry sells as well as prose. I could be wrong but it seems people much prefer stories. My heart is in my poetry, but I've been feeling my heart in this novel as well. I'm just really enjoying the writing process. I'm over 11,000 words in so far and it's getting juicy.


I want it to be a good book and I feel my prose has gotten a LOT better. It's not really a samurai story since it takes place in a fantasy world and it merges European folklore with Chinese and Japanese folklore. It's an exciting world to work on. It even has some humor in it. My webcomic was a comedy after all. So I had to throw in some gags.


I guess I wasn't as sure with my prose than I am with my poetry, but I think I'm getting the hang of both. I just love writing. It has always been my most cherished hobby.


I'm excited about this book and I have so many ideas. I'm also glad I'm keeping the chapters short and serializing them. There seems to be less pressure on me with this method and I feel I was rushing myself in the past. The novel I wrote is not even available because it's an atrociously boring read in my opinion. I can do better and with this novel, I actually AM doing better. And most importantly, I'm having fun. :-)


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