Spotlight says nothing is published, all books still available

Hello. First time forum user, so if there's any formal ettiquette I'm overlooking I apologize.


To the point: I've published 7 individual titles on the service, all of which are still available for purchase, yet my Author Spotlight page (which was listing all of them just fine yesterday) now comes up as "Author has not published any product":


Fortunately, as I said, the product IS still there and available so I can only assume this is some sort of glitch, but is it fixable? Not being able to point potential customers to a single page with all the available product makes salesmanship a bit daunting, would be my main concern here Smiley Happy


  • Mine says the same thing.

    Is that to do with DISTRIBUTION you think?

  • Our site had to re-index our catalog yesterday, and this was causing some spotlights to not show books, or books to not appear when searched. The indexing is complete now, and all searches/spotlights should be functioning correctly now. If you still are finding your books are not appearing, let us know and we'll help you out!

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    What do you mean? Your books are there.

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