Best lessons I got on success

I went on a self-help success binge this summer. I wanted to figure out why successful people were successful. I wanted my books to sell. Really really wanted it.


Best message I got was from The Science of Getting Rich.


Wattles says, there is no way you can be unsuccessful if you do something consistently and efficiently. If everything you do is efficient, and you work hard (not kill yourself and overdo it) you will succeed.


So, if authors here make their books as good as or better than those of traditional authors and publishers, how can they fail? Impossible.


The next best thing I read was from Og Mandino. Pray, he says, but don't ask for things to happen for you. Ask for guidance. That is all. Guidance to help you achieve what you want.


Another I found useful was The Richest Man in Babylon. The author talks about money as your children. You send it off into the world and it works for you. I think of books I've published as my children and I send them off to work for me.


The thing I took away from Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the importance of passive income. You do the work once, and it generates money for you.  Books are one such source.


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