Spotlight missing titles

Weird situation. My spotlight page only displays 2 PDF books. However, I have at least a dozen books that normally show up there. Any ideas what is going on?


My spotlight:


A direct link to a book not listed in my spotlight:


  • You're not alone. i just checked my spotlights (I publish under two names) and both have a message that the author hasn't published anything. Doing a search in the shop yields zero title results. I hope it's just a server glitch.

  • Yeah, that's messed up. Have you send a message to support?
  • Wow, I just noticed my three books are missing from my spotlight as well. I wonder what's up. Lulu could be working behind the scenes on something. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
  • We should send support an email

  • Hey all,


    This may be an issue with our search we are working on fixing right now. The site is re-indexing our listings, so at this time I'd ask that you try searching for your titles again tomorrow. If they are still missing from the spotlight/not appearing in search, please do make a support case and we'll help you out!

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