Can I get a bit of tech advice?

My longtime computer quit, I bought an old one from a neighbor, and I received a laptop as a gift.  I had no trouble creating good pdf files on any of them.  The computer I now have is somehow different-  the pdf's I created recently are not the same neat, compact format, but have all kinds of junk on the top and sides that slightly resembles MSWord. 


As the computer didn't have a pdf creator on it, I took a guess and installed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC-  and it seems this is the wrong program to be using.  Would anyone know the correct one?  I'm almost certain the program on the other computers said either Adobe or Acrobat, but whatever it was was free, and I don't see anything online that doesn't cost.  


Would anyone here know which program I should be using? 


  • CutePDF is free, but I've never used it. Which word processor are you using? Some of those (eg the later versions of Word) can save directly to PDF.

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    DoPDF, free, simple and excellent.

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  • I use the built in MS Word PDF creator and I have never had a problem. Just make sure that you have the Optimize for Standard (publishing online and printing) is selected and that you have ticked the ISO 19005_1 Compliant (PDF/A) box under the Options button.


  • ceeteeceetee Reader
    I made the mistake of 'upgrading' to Windows 10, and when I check the site it doesn't seem to work on this system.
  • ceeteeceetee Reader
    I installed it. Initially, the files themselves were o.k. except for the desktop info at the top. However, when I logged in today I found all the files on my desktop had gone back to html! What the heck is going on??
    I did have Windows 7, but now have windows 10.
  • ceeteeceetee Reader
    I just tried this, and had same results- everything still comes up as html.
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