Page margins in 6"x 9" books

Hi all,


I've published several books, but it takes me so long to write them that by the time I'm ready to publish, I seem to run into new problems with templates. 


This time I have copied an A4 document into the 6"x9" template and the margins are huge.  Is there a required or recommended margin and should the margin on the left be bigger because it will be close to the book binding? (Book has 345 pages if I give it 0.5" margins all round and 11 point font.)


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    All my margins in the 6x9 format are equal and about 2cm wide.

  • The normal recommendation we give authors is 0.5" margins on all sides, 0.5" header/footer, and 0.3" for the gutter. 


    Of course, if you'd like to shrink the margins some you can. Just be aware that the pages will have to be trimmed by our printers, so anything too close to the edge of the page runs the risk of being sliced off.

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