Amazon sales have stopped!

I've sold hundreds of copies of my first book through Amazon.

I've updated the content and made a 2nd edition, as a separate project. Once the second edition started selling in numbers, I retired the first edition.

However, while sales of the second edition through have been healthy, and through globalReach a few have gone out through Ingram, not a single copy has sold through Amazon.


If I google the title, the Amazon page for the FIRST edition (no longer available) is the top hit, the book website itself is second, goodreads is third and the second edition on lulu is fourth. The Amazon page for the 2nd edition (which does exist), doesn't seem to show up at all.


I've retired the first edition, but it's like a zombie - it won't die, and by showing as "not available" it's killing sales of the bigger, better second edition.

What do I do?


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