How long do people normally have to wait before they see revenue from Amazon?

Hi All,

   I know this sort of question has been asked before, but I'm starting to get worried that my account has an issue.

   I know of at least one purchase of my book from Amazon (kindle), and possibly more. The confirmed purchase took pace late January (around the 26th), but it has still not appeared in the 'My Revenue' page. I've seen revenue come through in a few days from other stores (such as Apple), but not Amazon.


   Am I being impatient, or do you think I have a problem? I raised a support ticket with Lulu the other day, but have had no response.





  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Unfortunately you will just have to be patient as there isn't a problem.


    The money that Kindle paid into my bank account at the end of February was for sales up to the end of January. I'm not sure if it is the same with the payment that Amazon sends over to Lulu but, no matter which period it is for, you will only see this revenue reported once a month (usually around the 5 th working day of the following month for print books and the 7 the working day for ebooks).


    However, if you are new to Amazon and this is your first sale it can take several additional weeks before you get your first report. Thereafter you will receive your report on a regular basis, once a month. You probably need to give it two or three months.

  • Many thanks, danielblue.

    Although it's anoying that I haven't got the money yet, at least you've put my mind at rest that there is nothing wrong.




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