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Selling my books? How do I even do that??

So I now have released an e-book version of my book Heartless Words as I have had it up for months and made no sales on it. Which is disappointing I would have thought at least one person may have.

Where am I going wrong?
here's the link for my e-book but can find others from there.


  • A few things.


    Don't rely on sales from Lulu. I searched for your book on Amazon and I only found a paperback version, with a generic looking cover. Amazon is arguably your biggest shop window and it's where you should be concentrating your efforts. I'd recommend getting your e-book on Amazon and pricing it very competitively.


    Also, there are a few spelling mistakes in the blurb. It's incredibly important that you get this right. It's the first example prospective readers are going to see of your writing, and if there's anything wrong with it, it's going to put them off buying the book.


    Have you done anything to publicise your book? It could be the best book in the world, but it isn't going to sell if nobody knows it's there. Consider approaching bloggers and websites etc for reviews that you can include on your landing page. These reviews will also obviously appear on the blogs etc as well and hopefully bring in a wider audience.


    If you're not already there, register on and get your book on there. Join some groups that are relevant to your genre and contribute to some discussions. IMPORTANT WARNING: don't spam discussion groups with entreaties to buy your book. If you involve yourself in the groups, you'll find appropriate times to gently mention it.


    Good luck.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    It is not that you are going wrong necessarily; it is just the fact
    that selling books is really, really difficult no matter what you
    may hear to the contrary. It is, quite simply, the most difficult
    thing you are likely to do. Even working down at the grocery store
    will provide you with a lot more money than you will likely make
    from writing.

    There are millions of ebooks available for sale online. Probably
    in any other field of endeavour the point of equilibrium would
    be reached long before this, i.e. people will drop out of the
    market. However, as it costs nothing to write and publish a book
    more and more people pile in. The dream of being a best selling
    author apparently never dies.

    All you can do is try and ensure that your book is the best it
    can be i.e. no spelling and/or grammatical errors, and then try and
    promote it, so that people know it is available for sale, but that
    is easier said than done. With more and more websites on the internet
    all the time, each one probably gets less and less visitors as time
    rolls by. From what I've seen in some other forums Facebook
    isn't the be all and end all when it comes to promotion. Authors
    published by traditional publishers benefit from the reach and clout
    that these organizations have. One person, on their own, doing it
    all themselves needs a whole heap of luck!

    Money goes to money. People who can afford to advertize probably
    do better than people who can't.

    The main thing though is to keep on writing. Not only will you get
    better as times goes by but if anyone likes your work they may buy
    some of your other books too.

  • The book on Amazon is a very old version i took down i think a year ago but it never came off for some reason :s i really have to get the new version up on Amazon but will have to get a copy of the book first to make sure its all in order. I changed the cover and edited the whole book as i realised the appauling spelling and grammer haha. Not sure what possesed me to publish it in the condition it was. Buut i am hoping now it is in alot better way Smiley Happy


    I will try goodreads thank you so far i have just been putting up on wattpad and on facebook but no luck. 

  • Thank you so much Smiley Happy it means alot that you replied just one other thing how long does it take for the ebook to go out on amazon?
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I can only find one mistake in the Description > "... really when hes ..."


    Take a look at this (and I doubt it includes self-published books) >>



    Total up all the English language ones and that is what we are competing with, and many of those do not have the disadvantaged cost of POD production.

    Many will be also be by famous writers which people look out for their latest book and bye it as soon as they can. Even pre-order.


    It's said that average sales are around 5,000, in total, not a day, week, month or year, in total. And if you take in to account that very very rarely some book will sell many many millions in one year, it will seriously bend the average. Try it with this -  0, 1, 10, 1, 1, 200, 500, 20,000,000 = 2,500,089 average sales. Looks good doesn't it? The Frozen book for example only sold 780,000. One would have expected it to have sold far more. Very often each year the top 50 of all books, not just ones that were published in that year, are full of classics that have been in print for decades. But they do have to keep selling or they get discontinued.


    It costs a fortune to get new books in to the top selling list, usually, or free publicity on popular TV shows like 50 Shades got.


    There's very few rich writers. Most never give up their day job. Some who do make a decent living out of it usually churn out a few books a year via some publishing house who put money behind it.


    Just enjoy writing.



  • ok thank you that was useful Smiley Happy to be honest I've always loved writing but I found just reading books now I enjoy it more because I have a little boy so it's having to time haha

  • kevinlomas wrote:

    I can only find one mistake in the Description > "... really when hes ..."




    I should've made it clear I was talking about the description on Amazon.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    They are carried over from Lulu.

  • Not necessarily. The description for Heartless Words is different on Amazon than it is on Lulu.


    For that matter, the same goes for mine.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Not necessarily. The description for Heartless Words is different on Amazon than it is on Lulu.


    For that matter, the same goes for mine.


    How? Unless you have typed them there directly? Mine are exactly the same, piped over from Lulu. (Even my e-books on Amazon that I have directly placed there have the same Descriptions because I copied and pasted them to there.) My Descriptions are also what it says on the back covers. (Printed books that is!)


    You are right though. I have looked at the book on Amazon and the Description is full of spelling mistakes. Four remarkable mistakes. Perhaps it's been corrected on Lulu and not yet reached Amazon? (The cover is also not the same on Amazon as it is on Lulu and there's no e-book version on Amazon.)


    Anyway, not to worry.  Smiley Happy

  • kevinlomas wrote:

    Not necessarily. The description for Heartless Words is different on Amazon than it is on Lulu.


    For that matter, the same goes for mine.


    How? Unless you have typed them there directly?

    You know what, I can't remember. I think I put on a different description on Amazon via my author central page. But I might be wrong. I think it's my age.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I think it's my age.


    It happens to us all.

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