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Hey I am writing book reviews to help others like myself who want to get their book out there.
I Will be blogging my reviews on Tumblr zozorudd94
please follow and check out my other reviews.
All I need is three chapters with a link to your book you can email me them [email protected]

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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    A review from only three chapters is not really a review.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    BTW. Your own book as too many empty pages, and I cannot tell where the Into ends and the story begins. Apart from a few formatting problems it does not look too badly written though.  Smiley Happy

  • I may as well bring up the cover.


    The image is very nice, though neither it nor the title convey much about the book or its subject.


    What should be addressed is the typography. The purple color against black, combined with the small size and choice of typeface, makes the title---especially the word "Heartless"---very difficult to read, particularly when the cover is thumbnail size. The two words are also spaced too far apart to be read well. I would increase the size, make the type a more contrasting color and work on placing the title better. I would probably suggest avoiding overlapping the face. 


    In addition, you might want to put your name on the cover.



    Black Cat Studios
  • Thank you for the feedback I will sort as soon as I can it will make a big difference!! I was wondering where I was going wrong with my book
  • Thank you! I will go back over the book and see what I can sort out it means a lot you taking a look at my book!! perhaps I can sort it and may get a few sales
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