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How much will my printed book cost?

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Book Manufacturing Cost

The manufacturing cost includes binding, page count, and labor costs.


Use our Book Cost Calculator to estimate your book's wholesale production cost.

Note: When you select Full Color printing, your book will be priced as if every page is being printed in color.

Book Retail or List Price (for Distribution)

Bindings for Distribution

Not all book sizes and bindings are available for distribution through retail channels. For more information, see What Products are Eligible for Retail Distribution. Distribution eligible book formats are designated in the Book Builder by a green check (tick) mark.

Note: Books distributed through our distribution channels have different setup costs than Lulu-printed books. For more information, see How Are Retail Prices Determined?

Book Pricing

Authors set the price for their print and eBooks during the creation process.

  • The price for a print book can be any price above the manufacturing cost (binding + # of page + labor).  
  • The price for an eBook can be set to free or any price above $0.99.

For pricing examples, see How Much Money Can I Make?

Bulk Discounts

Bulk discounts are available for some products based on the quantity ordered. For orders of 99 copies or less of a single title, the coupon available on our home page will be used. For an order over 100 copies, please contact our Bulk Specialist for pricing assistance.


The Manufacturing Cost, Spine Width, and Bulk Discount calculators are accessed from the Book Builder page for your project.

To access the calculators:

  1. Go to Create > Create Print Books
  2. Choose your book format, binding and enter the number of pages.
  3. The calculators will display your information based on your selections and page numbers.

Retail Pricing calculators are accessed from within the publishing wizard or from your project's detail page. 

To access the detail page:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to My Projects
  3. Click on your project's title.
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