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Morning all, did you enable Google Book Search? If so, why? And if not, why?





  • Yes I did, and then stopped because it shows far too much as a Preview. In my opinion a quarter of a book is not a Preview, a few pages are.

  • Lately, Google Play has become a more important outlet for eBook distribution. Making your book available for Google Search will definitely increase the likelihood of sales through this outlet.


    Here is some more information to help you make an informed decision: Google Books FAQ

  • Yes. I only have printed books, and the long samples are free advertisements.  Besides I noticed two of my books at the SOAS Library, London, have the Google link. This is very convenient for students who want to have an idea of what sort of book they are. I hope the SOAS will extend it to my other books.

    [I have added the blue arrows to the screen capture.]



  • People bought books before the internet and on-line previews were invented. Did they sit and read up to 20% before they bought it? No. More often than not they bought due to a good review they had read or by recommendation from a friend. In other words they know a book exists and they endeavor to buy it. Why it's thought that a 20% preview is needed is a mystery. I am not saying that previews are bad, just that they only need to grab the attention of people who do browse previews. If they need to read up-to 20% to make their minds up then how good is the story? Really?

  • I publish almost exclusively print books, so I do not enable Google Search. And from hearing comments years ago, it is hard to undo. You need to write to Support and enlist their help.

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  • It is for printed books, and it is hard to disable. There should be a button on our My Projects to do it.

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