Bypass wizard/studio and upload pdf

I have a completed PDF that I would like to upload. How can I bypass the creator studio and upload a print-ready file?


  • Yes, when you reach the cover stage, quickly click on Old Cover Designer before the Wizard loads and then wait. When you arrive at the correct page you will see Upload one piece cover. That is where you upload your one piece PDF or jpeg.

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  • To clairify, I want to upload a completed PDF for the interior file of a photobook

  • The only photobook formats that allow for PDF file upload are the 12 x 12 Large Square, and the 12.75 x 10.75 Large Landscape. The other photobook formats use the Studio Wizard make the book. 

  • So does this mean I have to use Lulu Studio to design the book from scratch? Is that now the only way to do an 8.5" x 8.5" photo book? I can't upload a complete PDF of the interior?

  • Is there any plan to update this process to allow for pdf uploading for other size options of photo books?

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    It's been like that for years, and unfortunately almost all photobook wizards work the same way. You could try other sites for other sizes, but very few if any also allow the selling of them from their sites like Lulu does. I don't think even Createspace have a photobook wizard.


    There's 100s of such sites to just create them on though.


    Here's one >>>


  • Try Blurb -


    Unfortunately they are twice as expensive, but their quality is much better, and they do not force any of their pejorative design handcuffs down your throat like this site.

  • For anyone considering using Blurb, I'm actually moving away from Blurb. I'm sad to hear that their quality is better than Lulu, since that was one issue I've been dealing with (though not the main one). This is my 5th year making a photo book with Blurb, and I've had different problems each year. The first year many of my books printed too dark and needed to be replaced. The second year there was a problem uploading. In both cases, the customer service folks were very helpful. This year, though, all of my books arrived with damaged spines and corners. They packed 14 lbs of books in a small box with almost no padding, so it's no surprise. I caution anyone who's thinking of switching to that service. I am trying to switch away from Blurb now.


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  • One problem with Blurb is they have a dedicated off-line book design tool. I say problem even though it is almost idiot proof, but it is linked directly to Blurb's site and I think uses their own .suffix when saving.

    They also do seem to be expensive and even add a further 25% to not have a Blurb logo on your covers! Smiley Surprised

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